VIBE Football Cup

Although the World Cup is not held in Târgu-Mureş, we will also organize a football cup. On the 7th and 8th of July, the matches will take place before the concerts. The criterias to apply are the following:

– minimum 6, maximum 10 people may apply in a team
– the entry fee is 600 lei per team, for which a festival ticket for two days will be given to the participants (for the remaining 2 days tickets can be bought for 120 ron).
– If all of your team members have a 4-day festival ticket, the participation in the football cup is FREE.
– the cup is for students, so you have to have an active student status (2 outsiders can apply in each team).
– the event requires a sports certificate, which must be presented on the spot
Application deadline: 24th June
– the completed form must be sent to [email protected].